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Line Art of your Character
A New Start by deejay2co
Aria by deejay2co
Aria again by deejay2co
Lindsey is hungry by deejay2co
I will draw your original character in one of many forms. Extra characters will cost extra, as well as backgrounds and color. Just about anything goes, but to be on the safe side, just ask.



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Princess of the Void Questions and Answers
(This Q&A is so I can get (and keep) my facts straight about certain things in the story of Princess of the Void)

Q: Who is the Black Magic Grant for?
A: The Black Magic Grant is for lost souls or evil spirits, but can be given to humans. If a human does receive the grant, the human must be an atheist or a Satanist. There is a grant for Christians given by pure angels; however, it is rarely given to people.

Q: What is the purpose of the Black Magic Grant?
A: Its purpose is to build evil armies and spread evil in general. Its second purpose is to defend against pure angels.

Q: What powers come with it?
A: The powers of an archangel (flight, manipulation, shape shifting, breathing fire, and your very own minion)

Q: What is an Archangel?
A: An archangel in this story is neither evil nor pure. Instead, the archangel is neutral until he/she is judged. In other words, depending on his/her actions while in mortal form, he/she may become a demon (Anti-angel) or a pure angel once his/her time has come.  

Q: What is the price for the grant?
A: You must forfeit whatever the king of Hell desires, unless told otherwise.

Q: What is the risk of using its powers?
A: The risk of becoming a demon, cannibalism, becoming wanted by the pure angels.    

Q: What are Minions?
A: Minions are servants to any archangel or demon who recruits them. Anyone can be made a minion: friends, family, strangers, your crush…. The only exception is that you cannot make yourself your own minion (obviously) and you cannot make an archangel or demon your minion. The only entities that are minion material are humans, lost souls, and animals. Minions may have minions; however, they are limited to having animal minions. This is so there isn't an ongoing chain of minions. Animal minions cannot have any minions

So is there anything that doesn't make any sense? Please let me know before I make the actual story. I wouldn't want a big hole in the story.
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Line Art of your Character

Fri Sep 5, 2014, 12:57 AM
I will draw your original character in one of many forms. Extra characters will cost extra, as well as backgrounds and color. Just about anything goes, but to be on the safe side, just ask. 

here are some examples:
Aria again by deejay2co
Lindsey is hungry by deejay2co

A New Start by deejay2co

Bath Time by deejay2co

Cpl. Murphy by deejay2co

After School Activities (PLEASE READ) by deejay2co

Lindsey by deejay2co
Not a lot right? But remember, if you think I won't do it, just ask :)

Now I know I'm no Leonardo Da Vinci, so my prices aren't crazy (at least I don't think they are) but here they are:
  • 50 pts for line art 
  • 20 pts for extra character 
  • 20 pts for background
  • 20 pts for color
I can do PayPal too, but I don't care either way.

I'll start off with three (3) slots open for commission and see how that goes.

If you are interested in commissioning me, go to my profile where you will find the commission button. (or PM me)

So I think I covered everything, if you have any questions just PM me. Thanks for reading :D

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Aria lived in a time when innocent ladies were being accused and executed for being witches. Her mother always told her not to use her powers unless it was a life or death situation. One day while she was walking through the forest, a group of bandits tried to rob and rape her. This was definitely a life or death situation, so Aria created an invisible force field to keep them from getting near her. Once they witness a taste of her powers, the frightened bandits ran off in fear. She was relieved, but that relief would soon become fear as to what happened next. Later that evening, a group of royal guards rushed into her home terrifying her family. One of the bandits was there to point poor Aria out
“That’s her right there!” he exclaimed.
The guards grabbed her tightly by the arm, and yanked her up from her bed. Her mother yelled as one of the guards held her back.  Aria tried to grab onto anything she could get her hands on, but it was pointless. They finally dragged her outside and threw her in a cage mounted on a wagon and slammed it shut. The wagon immediately took off leaving nothing but dirt in the night air.  
“Where are they taking my Aria?!” her mother asked in a panic. “Where are they taking her?!”
“Aria of Auburn has been accused of practicing magic of the black arts, which is grounds for execution without trial.” One of the guards proclaimed as he read from a scroll of paper.
There was nothing she could do. She knew at that point she would never see Aria again.

A few miles down the road, Aria sat in the cage looking at the stars and wondered if she would ever see them again, her mother, her sister, her home. Then she thought “they’ve already caught me, and they’re going to execute me anyway. I might as well use my powers to escape.”  Aria looked at the lock and twisted her wrist as if she actually had a key. Aria grabbed the cage door as it freely swung open to avoid the unwanted attention. Fortunately for her, there were no guards behind the wagon. Aria leaped out of the wagon, but the sounds of the horses galloping were loud enough to cover the noise she made. Because it was in the middle of the night, Aria was able to stay out of sight easily. Aria knew for sure that she couldn’t go back home as that would be the first place they would look. So she set off into the woods in the dark, cold night. She walked for hours until she came upon an old log cabin in an open field. A candle was lit inside which usually meant someone was home. Aria walked up to the door and paused as she studied the weird markings on it. She lightly touched the markings. They lit and the door became ajar.
“Hello?” Aria said in a concerned tone.
She pushed the door open further to reveal that nobody was there, or so she thought. She slowly crept into the lonely cabin and noticed all of the weird things in the house. From severed rat tails to bottles labeled “cobra venom” this individual was clearly out of their mind, but it was just too cold outside to worry about that. Aria spotted a cozy looking bed in the corner and decided that it would be a good idea to get some sleep. Aria got in the bed and pulled the blanket up to her neck. She closed her eyes to the peaceful noise of the night.
This is the beginning of a short story I've been working on. Please tell me what you think. The main purpose was to make a story outline, but I got into it and started making the actual story, so I'll have to revise and expand the beginning later.

The story is about a witch (or "bruja" as they are called in the story) who one day gets caught using her powers and is captured for execution. After escaping and meeting another like herself, she finds herself in present day Avalon City where the story really begins.

Brujas are not really witches, but are a race of humans with special powers. Because they are powerful, they are branded "witches" and are executed; however, most of the time innocent ladies are executed and not the real deal.
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deejay2co has started a donation pool!
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I am starting a project on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. I will need a lot of concept art to post on the project pages to get people to donate money for what will eventually become my comic/manga. (because they need to see what they're donating for)

That's where these donations will come in. I'll use these points to commission artists to professionally draw the concept art.

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I love drawing anime/manga, one day I would like to make my own manga but for now I draw different characters to inspire my writing. Music inspires my art and writing. I am also inspired by Bleach, Death Note, etc.


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