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I love drawing anime/manga, one day I would like to make my own manga but for now I draw different characters to inspire my writing. Music inspires my art and writing. I am also inspired by Bleach, Death Note, etc.

FurAffinity: deejay2co
Sofurry: deejay2coo and deejay2co


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I am starting a project on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. I will need a lot of concept art to post on the project pages to get people to donate money for what will eventually become my comic/manga. (because they need to see what they're donating for)

That's where these donations will come in. I'll use these points to commission artists to professionally draw the concept art.

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Name: Cadence Diaz
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Birthplace: São Paulo, Brazil
Eye color: hazel
Hair color: black
Weight: 134 lb.
Height: 5ft 7in  
Skills/Abilities: Capoeira, can transform into a lioness at will, military training

Cadence joined the military (U.S. Army) when she was 18 years old. One day, the Army's research department decided to test a new drug on a platoon of soldiers. It was her platoon that was experimented on. Using DNA from all sorts of animals, the soldiers were injected one by one. Over the next few days, soldiers started to show symptoms of the shot's effects. After about a week, most of the soldiers successfully transformed into animals; however, It appeared that the shot had no effect on Cadence.

After being monitored for two more months, Cadence was medically discharged from the Army. Three weeks after her discharge, she started showing symptoms of the shot. Her body had a delayed reaction to it. Instead of informing the government about it, she took into account the benefits of being able to turn into a lioness at will and decided to continue living her life.

Today Cadence is a college student that loves to party, sleep and eat 24-7. She rarely studies and if any of her professors threaten to fail her, she "persuades" them, in her lioness form, to do the opposite making her a straight "A" student. Lately she has been getting urges to mate and cravings for blood....Maybe the shot is advancing in a way nobody would have expected.
Cadence's Bio
I am working on a newly developed OC. Her name is Cadence Diaz and I think I can make some interesting stories out of her. What do you guys think?
So I've had this cool idea about making a fan comic. I have this idea about making a fan comic about pokemon theories. I've been watching pokemon theory videos on YouTube and I thought to myself "Hey! There really aren't comics about these, so I can write and draw these stories out... I can bring them to life!" I don't know what I will call them but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I'm thinking that the first volume will be about the pokemon war that Lieutenant Surge refers to in the game. Imagine a fleet of Blastoise using their cannons to blow attacking Pidgeots out of the sky. This is something that sounds worth the time and resources is it not?

But I still won't forget my current hentai comic "Lindsey's Lunch" which I'm still not sure how to continue. And a few pictures I have to do. But tell me what you think? Also, if anyone would like to help me draw this stuff then please pm me, I could always use some help.
This will be the final thread I post on here regarding this topic. I've posted two others asking for an OC to draw in a NSFW situation. The more creative the situation, the higher the chance I'll choose it. So far I have seen some interesting ideas; however, there is still time to submit yours. To participate, post a pic or link to a pic of YOUR OC, and state the "sexy situation" that character will be in. There really aren't any limits, except no yaoi. And to those who have already submitted their OCs and ideas, don't worry, I'm still considering you.

Remember, The dirtier the better. I may not be no [insert famous artist name here] but hey, its free ;) 
I am looking to have a comic drawn out? If you do comics, please note me with your prices. 


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