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I love drawing anime/manga, one day I would like to make my own manga but for now I draw different characters to inspire my writing. Music inspires my art and writing. I am also inspired by Bleach, Death Note, etc.

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I am starting a project on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. I will need a lot of concept art to post on the project pages to get people to donate money for what will eventually become my comic/manga. (because they need to see what they're donating for)

That's where these donations will come in. I'll use these points to commission artists to professionally draw the concept art.

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Just like the title says. Comment with examples and prices.
Taking a break from work. I am doing free NSFW request (hence the title). No yaoi or inflation. Take a look at my gallery if you would like to see examples of my work. The interesting your character and idea is, the more likely I am to do it.
20151026 061357 by deejay2co

Just like the title states. If your idea intrigues me the most I'll put your comic in the panels shown here. Anything allowed except yaoi and inflation. Good luck. 
Just as the title says, I'm thinking about doing an art trade. I draw just about anything. 


“WHO DARES BREAK INTO MY HUMBLE HOME?!” a lady yelled out in anger.

Aria darted out of the bed and onto her feet to find a slender lady with pale skin in a dark blue robe. Aria saw the sunlight beaming through the window.

“S…sorry to intrude but…” Aria stuttered.

“But what?” the lady demanded.

“But I needed somewhere to sleep… just for one night.”

The lady looked Aria up and down noticing how dirty she was. Then she looked at her face.
“You must be Aria of Auburn” the lady said in an amazed tone.

“Uh…yes I am her.” Aria confessed

“Then that explains how you got in here. You truly are of Bruja decent”

“Yeah how did you know?”

“Well that door you came in has an invisible wall only brujas can walk through”
The lady continued as Aria grew a surprised look on her face.
“And the fact that your name and face are all over the town in the form of wanted posters pretty much adds it all up”

Aria remained speechless.

“Let’s get you freshened up and into some clean clothes shall we?”

Aria nodded and took the lady’s offer to get clean. Later that evening Aria sat at the table as the lady prepared a meal.

“My name is Erika by the way. Erika of Rivera”

“Thank you Ms. Erika for the hospitality”

“Oh Aria, there’s no need to be so formal. I’m not an old lady, just call me Erika.” She said as she chopped some carrots for the stew she was cooking.

“So… are you a bruja too?” inquired Aria

“Of course I am. That’s the main reason I didn’t kill you when I found out who you were.”
Aria grew a shocked facial expression.
“You know we brujas must stick together to avoid the extinction of our race.”

Erika was of course referring to the witch executions; however, Aria was unaware that brujas were a race. Instead, she had always thought that her powers were just an act of fate. Erika continued telling her that she was also a fugitive, but from another kingdom in a land faraway. Erika has been on the run ever since she was 17 years old. She figured that she was far enough to be safe from the guards and bounty hunters. So she settled in and built the small log cabin. A few days went by, and one night once they were finished with dinner, Erika sat down next to Aria and took a deep breath.

“Aria can I ask you something?”

“Of course, what is it?”

“I would like for you to join me in setting our captured sisters free from those filthy humans” Erika said in a disgusted tone. She continued with a devilish look on her face.
“We’ll set our fellow brujas free and kill those horrible people just like they’ve been doing to us for all of these years!”

Aria’s face grew pale along with a stunned look on her face from hearing Erika’s proposition.

“Erika, surely there’s a way we can just rescue them without harming anyone!”

Erika’s devilish look was replaced by an unpleased expression. Aria knew that she was not delighted to hear her response, but she continued.

“Believe me, I dislike what those people have done to our race, but I don’t think we really need to kill them.

Erika sighed and got up from the table. She then walked over to the window and stared at the sunset over the massive field outside. Aria still looked at her with a worried look on her face.

“Aria… this morning I decided to stop by your family’s house since I was in the area. I figured I could maybe tell them you were ok.”
Aria’s face brightened with joy as she sprung up out of the chair.

“How are they?! What did they say when you told them I was alive?! How di…”

Erika swiftly turned her head and yelled “ARIA THEY’RE ALL DEAD!”

There was an eerie silence as Aria plopped back into the chair. The joy on her face was quickly met with agony.

“It can’t be… that can’t be true.” Aria said with a lifeless voice.

“But it is Aria. The Royal guards killed them because you escaped and they must have tried to find your whereabouts through them.”
Aria sat with her hands on her head while the tears started rushing down her cheeks. After a few moments of silence, she picked her head up and looked at Erika with a look of disbelief.

“You’re lying!”  

Erika turned towards her and held out her hand while ignoring Aria’s accusation.

“Aria, please join me and you can avenge your family’s death.”

Aria jumped out of her seat and ran to the door. She turned toward Erika with her hand on the doorknob.

“I know they’re still alive, you just want me to help you slay people!”

“That’s not true Ari…”

Aria opened the door and ran out into the field. She was halfway across when she noticed an arrow zip past her from the forest surrounding the field. Then she heard a man’s voice from the distance.
The Bruja Chronicles (Chapter Two)
"Erika" is the name of this chapter just so you don't think it's part of the dialogue at the beginning. Also, I'm not very descriptive in this "novel" as this is supposed to be an outline of the story and not the story itself.

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